“Kerry’s “Songs About Us” CD has found a way to connect with and inspire people of all ages with or without special needs.”Chicago Parent Magazine
“Kerry’s “Songs About Us” CD is a skillfully upbeat collection of songs that everyone can learn from. Sometimes we all can use a reminder to do the right thing. His songs both educate and entertain. Kerry’s music shows his versatility and a perfect way to engage with kids in a non condescending way. It’s real music!

J.T. Moyé, Co-Creator of EC Fitness & Nutrition
“Songs for Us” is an innovative social skills/ behavioral tool for developmentally delayed young adults, disguised in a set of extraordinary songs that are accessible to the current generation. You’ll find yourself whistling these catchy tunes.”

Gregory T Anderson , J.D. Education Specialist, Vocational Education--Help Group Center
“Kerry has a natural musicality in his lyrics and tone that motivates movement and participation in children with Autism! His performances  are so inspiring that we have repeatedly requested for him to come and perform at our events!”Melva Thompson, Know Me Network, Inc.
“When Kerry worked at our camp his energetic personality and impressive musical skills drew everyone into the experience. We love his passion and drive to help people with disabilities of all ages.”Molly K. Rearick, EdD Founder & Director, Reid's Gift, Inc.
Listening to Kerry Fenster’s album “Songs About Us” offers catchy songs that double as a social skills tool for developmentally delayed young adults. Original songs like “Quiet Hands” and “Personal Space” aim to instruct in a fun-toe tapping way.

MetroKids Magazine Staff Picks- April 2017
“Songs About Us” is a vibrant recording, specifically tailored toward children with special needs. The concept for this five-song EP developed while singer/guitarist/songwriter Kerry Fenster was working at The Help Group Autism Center in Los Angeles. Fenster and  music executive Richie Gallo, co-founded the Muzic School as a label for artists and music that would help and inspire those with special needs and neurodiversity.

“ Songs About Us” includes four original compositions, a cover song (Pinball Wizard) and two narratives (“Greeting” and “Farewell”) recorded by children with whom Fenster has worked. “Quiet Hands,” a chunky light rocker, written for children on the autism spectrum who have trouble controlling their limb movements, reminds these kids of ways they can calm down, and create a safe space for themselves and others; amazingly, the song somehow manages to be both instructive and danceable. “Use Your Words,” offers great advice for all children to verbalize their needs and desires, rather than just acting out. (One could easily see this becoming a “hit single” among kindergarten and preschool classrooms.) “Hygiene” teaches good personal maintenance lessons, within a snappy little indie-style rocker, and a very catchy chorus. “Personal Space” is a simple, upbeat ode to being clear about one’s physical boundaries. In addition, Fenster is a good musician, possessing a clear, friendly voice, which does not need the digital enhancement it received on this recording. All in all, this is a strong, well-made preview of a longer, more complete album which this reviewer looks forward to soon. Lahri Bond ©2016 Parents' Choice

We loved having Kerry at our Jam Session program. He has an innate ability to connect and engage the audience. He has a great sense of humor and his song lyrics are clever! Kerry’s background experience is apparent in the quality and content of his songs- they provide a unique contribution to the special needs community. His performances included positive messages that he incorporated and adapted for our audience. We can’t wait to have him back again.

Julie Guy, M.M., MT-BC Neurologic Music Therapy Fellow, The Music Therapy Center of CA.
Although “Songs About Us” is a music CD created especially for children with special needs or developmental delays, its positive messages about how to take care of oneself and politely interact with others are a valuable lesson for all very young children. Each song has a simple lesson couched in a catchy tune, making Songs About Us an excellent teaching tool, ideal for public or elementary school children’s music collections and highly recommended for family listening as well. James A. Cox, Midwest Book and Music Review
“SONGS ABOUT US” is fun and entertaining collection of songs that also gives a multidimensional voice to children with special needs. A special needs listener can, at any age, enter Songs About Us through the musical door and will leave having learned lessons and skills geared to improve quality of life.

Billy Mann- Songwriter, Producer, and Founder/CEO of independent music publishing company, Green & Bloom/Topline as well as chairman of the management firm Manncom.
Fenster’s debut album may be short (only four original songs), but the content is mighty. What originated as a collection of tunes targeted toward young adults with autism broadened into these songs, to which many people with or without special needs can relate. Based on lessons on life skills, called social stories, each song has its own theme, from making friends by working on having quiet hands to using respectful words to having good hygiene to calmly creating personal space. With a rock/pop sound, these tunes can easily be used with children in grade school all the way through high school.


This is a must-have for schools and libraries that serve children and young adults with special needs.Veronica De Fazio, School Library Journal