4.1.16 – Kerry Fenster interview with the Huffington Post

Special Thanks To . . .

  • Charlie, Josh, Noel, Max,
    Eric, Robert G. and
  • The students and staff of Room 235

Muzic School Ambassadors

Here at “Muzic School” we are proud to introduce to you some of our fondest supporters and spokespersons who are dedicated to spreading our message and to helping us to manifest our Mission.

  • Eddie Brigati

    Singer – Songwriter and A Founding Member of “The Young Rascals”
    “Welcome….The purpose and intention is to inform, educate and support a wholesome and healing consciousness, from the child in us for the child in everyone.”
  • ashramsforautism-logo
    Ashrams for Autism seeks to empower and guide the autism community toward peacefully achieving their highest potential through yoga.